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About us

Our story

Aros Cloud was founded in 2019 and our mission is to deliver cloud based solutions. It was started by Heine M. Jensen and Carsten Jønck who together has more than 55 years of experience in the IT world.
Our main focus is the education sector – but we also offer solutions for public and business as well.
We have a tight relationship with Microsoft and offer solutions based on Office 365 and Azure. Aros Cloud is also an Autorised Education Partner with Microsoft. Aros Cloud also owns Attender – which is a clever new way for schools to do attendance registration.

Currently we are also exclusive partner for: 
DNI Cloud – Microsoft cloud based Identity Management system for education, public and business.
– Office 365 & Teams based learning tools for education
mConnect by Skooler – Integrate Moodle into Teams
Loops Education –
Easy online learning tools
MazeMap –
Digital wayfinding

And we are also partners with several other companies. If you have any questions, get some insight to the danish market or would like to partner with us. Then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Why are we called Aros Cloud?

Aros Cloud is based in Denmarks second largest city, Aarhus. Aros was the old viking name for Aarhus which from year 900 was an important trading post for northern Europe. Our goal is for Aros Cloud to be a trusted partner that delivers cloud based solutions for customers in Denmark and abroad. But this time without axes and helmets with horns on them.


Heine M. Jensen


Heine has more than 25 years of experience in sales and development of IT solutions. He is in charge of sales, marketing and partnerships.
In his spare time, Heine is bitten by the motorsports bug. So he loves to spend his sundays watching Formula 1.


Carsten Jønck


With more than 30 years of technical IT experience, Carsten is welldressed to help guide and offer consulting services. Carsten is also an expert in Identity Management, PowerBI and devolpment.
Carsten is in his spare time fighting not to be headshot by his 12 year old son in CS:GO

Where to find us

Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
+45 42 40 77 87

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